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Workshop on Total Knee Replacement

Hands On Workshop On – “Use Of Instrumentation For Primary Knee Replacement Surgery ‘’

The Knee joint is one of the largest and complex joints in the body. It is made up of long thigh bone (femur), the shine bone (tibia) and the smaller bone that runs alongside of tibia / fibula and the femur is called Patella (kneecap). Any  problem in knee caused due to any kind of Inflammation, overactivity, Obesity, damge Cartilage or Meniscus, referred Pain, age related degeneration, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis etc, can be taken forward for surgery by Orthopedic surgeons

YOGIKRIPA MEDSKILL ACADEMY  – regularly conducts Hands On sessions for the Operation Theater (OT) Staff who regularly  assist surgeon during surgery  The topic being  –  Anatomy of  Knee joint  and the techniques / methods required for handling the  instruments used during  Knee  surgery by the Orthopedic surgeons . The main  aim of imparting knowledge to OT staff, is to teach them the basic anatomy of  knee  and what kind of assistance and support surgeon expects from them while preforming surgery in OT.

  • DURATION – 4 HOURS [Audio – Video presentation  followed by demonstration by Health Professionals]
  • ELIGIBILITY – Operation Theater Staff of hospital – Nurses, Technicians, Surgeons Assistances
  • Requirement – An Audio – Video room, demo table, saw bone Knee structure and instrument used during surgeries.
  • Certification – Certificate of Participation are given to the attendees by YogikripaMedskill Academy Pvt Ltd.
  • Fee Structure– Its FREE OF COST totally complimentary session .